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Katy sings in Simlish.

It hurts a little bit. How self-assured and how sage this kid is. And he’s beautiful, beautiful.

Today, Mon Look:

Fashion ninja who works undercover at a button factory in Slough (the factory is from the 80s).

Not a joke in the traditional sense of the word, but a joke all the same. Oh Canada. Just like America, but way less cool.

Menchie Kugelbaum, class of ‘77
"I used to DJ at the bar-mitzvahs, you know. I had what we called back then LPs. Then they came with the CDs and all of a sudden ol’ Menchie’s persona non gratta. Sure, fine, what do I care. So you know what? I went to school, I studied hard, I became a dentist, and thank you God, I have nothing to complain about except a fat wife and a gay son who thinks he’s going to be a dancer. Whatdyawantfromme?  I love him, I do, I love him. The knife? That’s nothing."